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Title 2nd KINS-KAIST MS Program Vision Workshop (2015)
Content 2nd KINS-KAIST MS Program Workshop, titled 2nd KINS-KAIST MS Program Vision Workshop, was a great success. The workshop was held in Shilla Hotel in Jeju, Korea, for three days (May 6-8). Eleven alumni and fourteen student(6th batch) participated in this workshop.
We had two special lectures of Dr. KIM Moo Whan, President of KINS, and Dr. CHANG Soon Heung, Chancellor of Handong Global University and former Dean of KAIST. The two special lectures gave us valuable insights for (nucler) safety. and active questions and answers were followed.
Advice to junior students from Mr. Sadiq Umar as a senior alumni gave us a touching memory of and gratitude to K-K Program.
Presentations of alumni participants were valuable information and active Q&A and discussions were followed.
We have concluded we have 3rd Vision Workshop in 2017 in Pakistan. Mr. Javed Iqbal introduced many attractions in Pakistan. Hope to meet every alumni in Pakistan.
Special thanks to Mr. Javed Iqbal for serving as a secretary. WIth his great effort, every details we discussed was in order.

Thank you every body!!

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