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Title Announcement for 2020 KINS-KAIST Master Program
Content International Nuclear Safety School (INSS) of Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS) is proud to announce the 12th round of “KINS-KAIST International Nuclear and Radiation Safety Master’s Degree Program ”. 2020 Program starts on September 1, 2020. The deadline for application is March 31, 2020.

Please find attached files for the program announcement and application forms either in MS Word format or in Adobe PDF format.
Each applicant should fill out all the forms (form 1~ form 6) included in the “Required Documents”.
If any applicant needs a form for English Lecture Service Certificate, or Degree Certificate or List of Honors and Awards, please fill out any forms suitable for the purpose.

For any qestions or further information, please contact the corresponding staff indicated in the Program Announcement.

* Note *
There are two steps for an application:
- First step: To submit a package of original documents by express delivery service
- Second step: To apply through on-line of KAIST admission site (Activated on April 1)
Both steps should be done by each individual applicant.

Please read the "Program Announcement" carefully so that no applicant miss the application deadline.

Good luck with your application for the KINS-KAIST International Nuclear and Radiation Safety Master’s Degree Program!!

Attach Files 2020 KINS-KAIST Program Announcement.pdf
Form 1. Letter of Recommendation by Employer.docx
Form 2. Certificate of Health.docx
Form 3. List of Honors and Awards.docx